You work, toiling away in the dirt and, eventually, you are rewarded for your efforts.

You have created something of the earth to which you have a deep connection.

It is the fruit of your labor and from the knowledge of this, 

you attain a profound sense of satisfaction,

knowing that you have made something tangible, useful, and nourishing. 

Now rest, and begin again.

The act of refining; slowly but constantly improving my work is akin to the tending of a garden. Ideas are cultivated over time, guided by a vision of serene beauty, but allowed to grow and diverge.  Progress arises from the rhythms of work, from motions repeated time and time again until they form a mantra, repeating and refining both concept and form. This mantra reflects upon the tranquility of nature and how that tranquility may be communicated visually and tactilely. 


Through the processes of refinement, I seek balance based on an acknowledgment of harmony.  I build upon and articulate each element of a piece, reinforcing relationships and refining them to the smallest detail. The soft curve of a lip, the stabilizing and uplifting force of a foot, the relationship between interior and exterior space, all serve to imbue the work with poise and vitality. Surfaces evoke a sense of calm, like the stillness of a pond in the early morning. The use of color is delicate, surfaces are soft to the touch, comforting. Glazes break beautifully over edges and pool within vessels, defining and elevating each form.

My work exists both as a tangible, useful object and as an object of contemplation, finding its home within the rituals of daily life. Its purpose is fulfilled through use. 

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